Courage Comes After Trust

Courage Comes After Trust

Joshua 1:9

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

The distrustful are cowardly.

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They cannot display courage because they have no hope either for innocence or success.

If they fear guilt, they won’t act bravely regardless of the chances of their success.

If they fear failure, they won’t act bravely regardless of the moral obligation.

All because distrust intensifies these fears.

Observe this with self-doubt.

Let’s say that I don’t trust myself because I fear guilt.

That poses a problem because I never have one reason or intensity of motivation for doing anything.

How can I possibly know that all of my motivations and emotional investments are good?

What if I want something bad?

What if I want something good for bad reasons?

What if I want something too much or not enough?

Now let’s say that I don’t trust myself because I fear failure.

How can I know that I will succeed when I have failed before?

If I fail, what will that say about me?

Do I want to know?

Now, consider God-doubt.

We often don’t trust the virtue of God’s commands.

Does telling the truth always feel like the best moral choice?

Does restraining intense, tumultuous, and seemingly incurable sexual desires always seem right?

Does loving someone who attacks you, forgiving people who’ve abused you, or enduring injustice seem good?

Does persuading someone to repent of their belief system or lifestyle to follow Jesus Christ feel respectful?

We often don’t trust that God will help us succeed if we do what He says.

Life-changing ideas aren’t entertained or voiced.

Productive conflicts aren’t engaged.

Faults aren’t confessed.

Knowledge isn’t pursued and growth isn’t prioritized.

But if we will choose to trust in the goodness, faithfulness, and power of the Lord, we will have the courage to obey His commandments.

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Choosing to trust God disarms the fear of guilt because He never wants anything evil.

And in case we don't "hear" Him correctly, He has promised to lovingly correct us.

Trusting God overcomes the fear of failure because He has supernatural power to do anything well.

And He has offered that same power to you.

What has been making you hesitant to obey the Lord lately?

What’s one thing about yourself you would have to trust for you to take action?

Pastor Joshua


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What doubts have kept you back before?

How did you overcome them or how are you overcoming them?


  1. God never pushes us to do things, but provides courage to press forward when we exercise trust in Him. The result is expanded authority and new open doors. I’ve been able to leave my comfort zone and press forward with Him because I’ve learned from experience that God’s grace fills my inability when I step out in faith. I believe that He has already qualified me for the promotion, because it is what I am designed to do well.

    • Thank you for the encouragement and insight, William. God is definitely a rewarder of those who seek Him, so receiving those “promotions” after trusting Him makes a lot of sense. Thank God He is faithful to supply what we lack!

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