God Wants to Celebrate You!

God Wants to Celebrate You!


Proverbs 23:15-16

15 My child, if your heart is wise,
    my own heart will rejoice!
16 Everything in me will celebrate
    when you speak what is right.

Seeing Adalyn dive gracefully into the pool, keep a good line, flip-turn with ease, and complete her first Individual Medley race this summer caused me no small amount of pride.

Reading chapters of Gwyneth’s novel brings me joy.

Evanny weaved a fantastic multi-colored pouch on the loom.  I am impressed.

Judah has been working so hard on his football catching and throwing! 

I’ve had so much fun throwing the football with him.

The accomplishments of our children fill our hearts with inexpressible delight.

I guess that’s we parents keep funding their adventures, buying concessions, porting them to and from practices or lessons, and cheering them as loudly as they let us.

But there’s something that gnaws at our hearts when we hear the foolish things they say.


A worry that underneath the accomplishments and skills, there still lies a foolish heart.

What good is all the opportunities and successes if my child’s heart is foolish?

Foolish hearts are dangerous things. 

Foolish hearts keep us out of good company, put us into debts, destroy families and legacies, and rob us of the good God has planned for us.


A worry that underneath the success, they have internally rejected the values we have tried to pass to them.

Every good parent longs to see their children take on good character and understanding. 

A son or daughter of sterling character and understanding brings honor to the parents.

Those qualities will never be established if a child rejects the values of their good parents.

A child with a foolish heart causes both shame and rejection. 

A painful situation to worry about, indeed!


Father God has the same concern as any parent.

He delights in every victory and accomplishment you achieve, but evidence of a wise heart in your chest brings Him more joy.

When God hears you speak what is right, He glows with pleasure knowing that you are safe from foolishness, and you have accepted His instruction and correction.


What if you’ve been a foolish child?  What if you’ve said awful things?

That only means that you can relate to the rest of us.

No one is perfectly wise or right.  We’ve all been foolish. 

Believed stupid things.  Spoken ugly and wrong things.


Accept God’s unfailing love.  Tell Him that you’re sorry for rejecting His values.

Then, apply yourself to speak right things.

Everything in Father God will celebrate!

Pastor Joshua


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