How To Ask God Why

How To Ask God Why

Are you suffering today? 

You’re not alone.

We all are in big and small ways.

The pain often drives us to ask God, “Why?”

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Mercifully, I’ve never seen God upset at that question in the Scriptures. 

Listen to His own Son…

Matthew 27:46

At about three o’clock, Jesus called out with a loud voice, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” which means “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?”


However, I have seen God upset at certain primary motivations behind the question. 

Listen to His response to Job’s lengthy why…

Job 38:1-3

Then the Lord answered Job from the whirlwind:

“Who is this that questions my wisdom
    with such ignorant words?
Brace yourself like a man,
    because I have some questions for you,
    and you must answer them.

God never said that Job’s questioning was wrong. 

In fact, God said Job had spoken correctly.

Even so, it’s obvious that God was confronting Job about something. 

But what?


Letting Go Of Resentment - Midpoint Counseling

To explain, turn to The Princess Bride.

“Life is pain, Highness.  Anyone who says differently is selling something.”

—The Dread Pirate Roberts


Of course, life’s not only pain, but the hyperbole is amazingly clear.

Life is a mixture of pain and pleasure, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

To expect or demand only pleasure produces the pain of disappointment, disillusionment, and confusion.

And those three ingredients can create a powerful elixir—resentment.

Resentment fuels most our exasperated moments when we ask “Why?!”.


Problem is, we are never satisfied with any answer to our questions when they are primarily motivated by resentment.

Expecting and accepting hardship (I’m not talking about pessimistic doubt.) introduces healthier motivations to the question why…

Sadness.  Grief.  Fear.  Wonder.

Are you asking “Why?” to say that God or someone has done wickedly?

 Are you asking the question to avoid looking at your shadow, your part in the mess?

 Or are you asking to learn, accept the loss, admit your fear, and express your limits?

Pastor Joshua


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  1. Dearest Pastor Joshua, I first want to thank you for sending me this. Makes me feel still a part of my “home.”
    I have been accused over the years as just accepting whatever comes my way out of self-preservation. I’ve had many ups and downs, sicknesses. etc. in my life. Of course, as a young Christian, I would ask God, ‘Why?’ I would especially devour the book of Job when I first started having the pain in my feet. Truly I can say, through studying the Word, crying out to God, and just bearing my soul to Him taught me about accepting what God had for me in my personal life.
    I believe there is nothing that can come nigh my dwelling unless it comes through God first. I don’t have all the answers I could ask regarding my up, downs, and illnesses, but I do know this. I have learned through the trials and tribulations that God IS in control. I have learned through His Word to trust Him that He has my best in mind, and that sure doesn’t mean an easy, breezy life! But it does mean, I can rest in Him, whatever He brings my way. He is, after all, my Loving Father.
    I hope this made sense to you. I love conversing with you.

    • I’m happy to send them to you, Jackie! You’re journey through chronic pain has been an inspiration to me to trust God and have faith on deeper levels. thank you for your courageous example!

  2. Love it! As I go through life I wonder why the surgeries have not worked with my feet. Why am I still in pain? Maybe I stick my foot in my mouth too much still? (insert laugh) I realize this is not my heavenly body. I will still have pain and I need to rejoice through it all. Love the quote from Princess Bride….

    • You are still producing life in the middle of that kind of pain. You’re amazing! Thank God we have better things to look forward to, princess. 😉

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