Topics: Faith

Topics: Faith

12-11-16 Jesus is Peace

December 14, 2016

Pastor Josh teaches from Romans 5:1-8 that we need the peace between us and God that brings Jesus because without it we live guilty of our sins lacking in ourselves what is necessary to be righteous. Jesus’ peace justifies us as right before God, brings us into close allegiance with God, and gives us confidence because Jesus gives us what we lack to make it through even the most trying times.

8-14-16 Victory Ahead

August 16, 2016

Pastor Josh preaches from 2 Chronicles about the three things King Jehoshaphat exemplified in how to be victorious in the fight of faith and discusses how we can apply it to our lives today. “They say that satan is a defeated foe. Then why are we so exhausted from fighting? My fight is not with satan because he is a defeated foe. I suffer effects that he has in the world. But my real fight, my real struggle is to protect my own faith.” -Pastor Joshua Cole